Monday, October 25, 2010

News on Angola Prison, a Surprise Birthday party, In-Out-Out voucher usage and meeting Christopher Robin!

Wow, we heard about this prison ministry in Angola Prison in Louisiana. What an astounding encouragement. This prison was once the bloodiest prison in the US and they started a seminary inside the prison and now the whole place has changed and there are 80 churches or so within the prison and there is a massive drop in crime and the men have hope. They are even sending missionaries to other prisons in the country! Only the Lord could change hearts in such an evident way.
Check this five minute video clip on it if you have a chance:
(It's on Youtube)

We had Vicky's surprise birthday party on Friday night and I am just so relieved that we all managed to keep it a surprise! Here are some pics of them arriving! (Vicky confessed to not knowing anything was going on and that is the essence of a true surprise party!)
Here are her and Andrew arriving: (And the group of surprise guests:)

The happy couple! :)
Also, the theme was 'Fall' and look at what Lynette managed to do:

We all enjoyed lots of Dominoes Pizza:
 And finally Vicky got to blow out the '25 year' birthday candle:
Up next, we went to grab lunch on Sunday at In-N-Out to use our gift voucher. Now, if any of you are wondering whether or not In-N-Out is a popular 'LA thing', here is proof at 2pm on Sunday afternoon:
(This is us waiting in a line for the drive through...)

Above, you can see the little kitchen where they all work on the orders... To produce... THIS! Two cheeseburgers and Animal Fries (Creamy Cheese and onion covered fries!) And... no, I don't think that America is good for our weight! Hehe.
This is the road - called Roscoe Boulevard- we drive everyday to get to the church and seminary. (It is also the road we use to reach In-N-Out. It is normally way busier than this):
Then, this was very exciting! I got to meet 'Christopher Robin D'Angelo! I have heard so much about him from Izak and Jansie and also I first learnt to surf using the wetsuit he left in Jeffreys 'for those that would need to borrow a wetsuit in the meantime til he returned...'. 
Here is one of him and Izak and one of him on his own: (Specially for those of you who haven't seen him in ages!)

Well, we have an intense week ahead.. with a Hebrew exam on Tuesday and a book review on Thursday! Please pray for us and have a great week!


  1. CHRISTOPHER!!!!!!! my brother from another mother!!!! flip it i miss him. hope you told him i said howsit 'n what not! he's still as short as ever.

    t, those cakes, pizzas and burgers looking flipping fantastic. do you really think you're loving your neighbour by posting pics of it? what the heck? now i have to go eat some lame pie from engen at lunch-time. not fair!

    thanks for the updare. as always, superbly entertaining.

  2. It's even more entertaining to read your blog after Jansie's read it (to see his comments).

    Ferdi says cool to see Christopher!

  3. Christopher, the dude... Please say hi to him from me.

    Jansie, bru stand strong!

    Nothing compare to lam chops on the braai, accompany with a braai broodjie (chees, tomato, onios, based with a bit of miss balls and peach jam.) Toped of with a boere troos and jan elis poedingtjie.

    Jis nous ek somer ook honger!!!!