Friday, February 18, 2011

When things are a little quieter...

I just chatted to Jansie for a little bit and realised that I have stopped blogging if I haven't got loads of pictures and new adventures to tell you about... Well, I am going to try and keep in touch, even when it is a brief update like today's post. 

Izak has been extremely busy as usual. He has been working hard on catching up on school work and it's starting to get busier now that the Shepherds conference is on the way! (Since he does shipping he will be extremely busy with shipping books back for pastors that come to the conference!) I am volunteering to help with shipping and will get to work with Izak! There are about 500 volunteers for the Shepherds conference week and it is apparently all done in such excellence. What a privilege to be apart of this years conference. 

Izak hopes to work hard on some book outlines for Old Testament 2 this weekend and to write some synopsis papers. It is tricky to get up to date when you lag behind since the new workload doesn't diminish! Please continue to pray for his time management and for wisdom to know what to tackle first.

He got his results back for the first Hebrew exam and did well. Thank you for praying for him.

We have been doing work on translating Genesis and it has been such a challenging but good experience!

We had a cozy Sem Wives group meeting this last week, with only four of us being able to make it. (It may have been because it has been such an icy cold week of weather in LA- minus 1 degrees Celsius at times!) When we were all chatting one of the ladies mentioned that she had these verses, from Ephesians 5:15-16 on her heart. It says, " Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil." 

It was interesting since we have been working through Ephesians at the "Every Woman's Grace" Bible study, I had actually printed it out and put it on the fridge since it is so easy to waste time and to not redeem it! 
(If you would like to download the study, it is available online and even divided up into daily portions for devotions... Very well done and helps you to dig deeper...)
Here is a link to the site:

It is good to try to keep in mind that we have no idea how many days we will have on this earth and to use our time wisely. 

The lady that spoke at the "Every Woman's Grace" Bible study this Wednesday said that stats reveal that the average person uses +-4 hours per day of their awake time watching TV and another 2 hours online/on their computer per day... When you think about that as an annual estimate, you end up spending +-2 months watching TV and being online/ on your computer! Quite frightening to account for that much time wasted!

When Vicky and Andrew left LA, they left us a plant and it really brings me great joy to see new plant life activity!
Then... we received a gift voucher for In-N-Out this week as a surprise in the post!
And... our one landlady- Ina has timeshare and she booked us into a really nice resort that is just north of San Francisco for a few days in June! It is in a city called Windsor... We couldn't even afford to go on this kind of vacation in South Africa when we were both working... so it just testifies of the Lord's kindness to us!

Thank you for reading our blog and please keep in touch!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ryan's pizza party'tjie and Rowan's visit

As you more than likely realised, we have been quieter than usual! It has been a combination of:
- Izak contracting a very serious version of the flu (that required H1N1 treatment- tamiflu) 
- The starting up of seminary and 
- A visit from my brother, Rowan!

Here are a few highlights from the last weeks...

Ryan and Elna invited us to join them for Ryan's birthday bash at the Botes' and it was a lot of fun! Here are a few glimpses: 
The pizza arrives: (This is a winning formula to a good party!)

The happy celebrating couple: (Note the party hat! hehe)

The lovely hosting family- Ryk and Lynette Botes:
Ryan and Elna had friends visiting from Pretoria and it was great fun to meet them!
Here they are- Jonathan and Joy:

And to top off the delicious meal, Lynette made good old South African milk tart:
and peppermint crisp and caramel tart:
It was a great time of getting to know each other better and lots of laughter!

Then, Rowan arrived for his visit! We have been looking forward to it for the longest time and it was so amazing to have him here. 

One funny thing was that we borrowed an air mattress from friends of ours and it turned out to be a queen size aero-bed which was a very nice type... (it only needs plugging in and a flick of a button to inflate!) Soon enough the aero-bed grew and grew... and grew! And it was higher and wider than our bed and our home was one big jumping castle! hehe! It was fine for a couple of nights but then we were given a twin size inflatable mattress which worked a little better, since it enabled us to walk around in our home and have the bed set up simultaneously! It has been such a fun family camp-up week!

Love this one of Rowan- on our couch in California! :)
Here is one of where we do most of our grocery shopping:

Rowan kept commenting on the palm trees that are all over. It is something that you stop noticing!

We did some other shopping too...
Rowan came along to all the classes at TMS, here he is in front of the sign:
 And the beloved bookstore:
Here is one of Rowan and I:
And... after a week of camping out... These before and after pics indicate how living in each others space can improve family relations!
Hehe! We had such fun times, we will miss Rowan and are hoping that he returns soon!

Well, last time I mentioned the other San Francisco pics- here are some of our momentos in our home:
Our San Francisco corner:

And our little model pencil sharpener and cable car magnet:
When we got to see this opportunity through Rowan's eyes, it made us reflect on how the Lord has undertaken for us by bringing us across the world to have such wonderful and rich experiences and it has all drawn us closer to Him and made our hearts even more thankful for life and all that it entails!
This Psalm is our prayer:
Psalm 43:3a, “Send out Your light and Your truth; let them lead me..."

I submitted an article to "the Distaff", it is a sem wives journal and it was published this month. It is all about how the Lord made a way for us to get here and it is only a very shortened version, but if you would like to read it, you can click on this link: and download the February distaff.

We look forward to hearing from you!