Friday, February 18, 2011

When things are a little quieter...

I just chatted to Jansie for a little bit and realised that I have stopped blogging if I haven't got loads of pictures and new adventures to tell you about... Well, I am going to try and keep in touch, even when it is a brief update like today's post. 

Izak has been extremely busy as usual. He has been working hard on catching up on school work and it's starting to get busier now that the Shepherds conference is on the way! (Since he does shipping he will be extremely busy with shipping books back for pastors that come to the conference!) I am volunteering to help with shipping and will get to work with Izak! There are about 500 volunteers for the Shepherds conference week and it is apparently all done in such excellence. What a privilege to be apart of this years conference. 

Izak hopes to work hard on some book outlines for Old Testament 2 this weekend and to write some synopsis papers. It is tricky to get up to date when you lag behind since the new workload doesn't diminish! Please continue to pray for his time management and for wisdom to know what to tackle first.

He got his results back for the first Hebrew exam and did well. Thank you for praying for him.

We have been doing work on translating Genesis and it has been such a challenging but good experience!

We had a cozy Sem Wives group meeting this last week, with only four of us being able to make it. (It may have been because it has been such an icy cold week of weather in LA- minus 1 degrees Celsius at times!) When we were all chatting one of the ladies mentioned that she had these verses, from Ephesians 5:15-16 on her heart. It says, " Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil." 

It was interesting since we have been working through Ephesians at the "Every Woman's Grace" Bible study, I had actually printed it out and put it on the fridge since it is so easy to waste time and to not redeem it! 
(If you would like to download the study, it is available online and even divided up into daily portions for devotions... Very well done and helps you to dig deeper...)
Here is a link to the site:

It is good to try to keep in mind that we have no idea how many days we will have on this earth and to use our time wisely. 

The lady that spoke at the "Every Woman's Grace" Bible study this Wednesday said that stats reveal that the average person uses +-4 hours per day of their awake time watching TV and another 2 hours online/on their computer per day... When you think about that as an annual estimate, you end up spending +-2 months watching TV and being online/ on your computer! Quite frightening to account for that much time wasted!

When Vicky and Andrew left LA, they left us a plant and it really brings me great joy to see new plant life activity!
Then... we received a gift voucher for In-N-Out this week as a surprise in the post!
And... our one landlady- Ina has timeshare and she booked us into a really nice resort that is just north of San Francisco for a few days in June! It is in a city called Windsor... We couldn't even afford to go on this kind of vacation in South Africa when we were both working... so it just testifies of the Lord's kindness to us!

Thank you for reading our blog and please keep in touch!


  1. Great stuff. Does the heart good to know you're still alive. Send me a piece of the burger. Would love to try it.

    did izak get only 20% for his test? ai ai ai. i taught him better than that! hehe...

    keep it Jesus. missing you guys.

  2. Oh my goodness we will have to make a plan to get you here. A whole life without ever havin' an In-N-Out wont do!

    Izak DID NOT get 20% for his paper... That would not be doing well- that was just the mark allocation for the vocab section of the paper. So, moenie worry nie, your teaching appears to have prevailed! hehe.

    Miss you too Jans!

  3. I saw your post and meant to get back to it...look how long it took!! Always good that you allow us a peek into your world! God Bless You guys in everything you do!

  4. Thanks so much Taryn for your posts - it's such a blessing.
    Enjoy the trip to Windsor!!

    Miss you lots

  5. Hi my children, miss you sooo much!! I'm so sorry that I haven't posted something yet, as I find your adventures amusing and entertaining. I try to, but am not on top of this here thing yet - meaning the computer o f course! Hope Izak's vocab will improve - it must take a lot of stress to learn an ancient language, so know that I admire Izak's efforts. I wouldn't have been able to even attain a zero mark!...Love you guys a lot and God bless!!!Antie Ida