Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A delightful evening at the Ronald Reagan Library

We have had a wonderful week, beginning with an evening celebrating the 25th Anniversary for TMS at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library...Here is a link to check out their galleries and virtual tours:

Here is a pic of us at the entrance:
Now, I am sure that some of you would have seen the program- "Where's Wally?" Well- let me know if you can spot Izak! hehe.
We traveled to the venue with Bob and Lenore- it was lovely to catch up with such busy lives all round!
Here they are at the entrance:

And then we got a look at a 60'x20' replica the white house:
(It is shown all over the country and is updated with the new president's changes to the oval office etc...)
I love how this one almost looks like a real life limo! But... it is just part of the display:
Here is a small glimpse of the Oval office currently:
Then, onwards we adventured, deeper into the Ronald Reagan museum...
They had a life size room made up to be like the Oval Office when Reagan was president:
These and other giant and colourful pictures mark the halls of the museum:

We then followed the crowds to the pavilion which hosted Air Force One and the actual celebratory banquet:
Here I am standing in front of Air Force One: (Typically you get to go through the plane to get down to the pavilion, but we were a little late...)
 Here you see some guests making their way through the plane:

 This is a picture of the pavilion from above:
 Here is a closer look at what the tables looked like:
 The singer- Jubilant Sykes blew us away with his beautiful voice:
 Here is a close-up of our delicious meal: (salmon, steak, delicious salad and vegetables!)
Here is one of the two of us standing under Air Force One at the end of the evening... courtesy of Lenore...

 And to top it off, each table could take the centre-piece home and I was nominated to take our tables!
Our first All American vase:

I planned to include info from the Shepherds Conference, but will do that with our next post! There was just too much to include. We were glad to bump into Dave and Mary Gillies at the Banquet- but don't have a picture to prove it! 

Well, until next time! Totsiens!


  1. Flip it, looks like a lot of fun. Don't think you guys are having a tough time at all, hanging with Dr. Reagan and all that. Is Izak running for Guv next year? He's taller than Mr. Reagan. I think he'd make a great guv.
    Have a good one, and thanks for the update!

  2. Oh ja, wanted to say: Say howzit to Christopher Parkening for me. Not only is the dude a guitar legend, he also loves fishing! Sounds like the (almost) perfect man!

  3. Just listened to Jubilant Sykes on Youtube. He is INCREDIBLE. WOW!!! Must have been amazing to see him live. Chicken meat.

  4. Thanks for your comments Jans! Always affords a good chuckle! :)