Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rain in California, Crock pot gift and Amazon Rooibos Tea

Well, it is that time in the semester when everything seems to have reached a deadline! I was sitting next to a student and he asked, "What class is this again?". I think that helps define the situation that many students find themselves in at the moment.

We had some pretty heavy rain recently and the roads literally seemed to turn into rivers! Here are some pictures of us just about sailin' down LA river-roads! 

The lovely part about the rain that we had the most beautiful sunset that evening... You can't quite get the complete picture here, but the tree branches had an almost golden halo-effect and the sky was such vibrant pinks and purples: (Taken from our driveway...)
 Then, we were given an amazing Crockpot from a friend and I am sooo thankful! I can't stop thinking about all the easy recipes that this pot will be cooking for the Bakkes family!
Here it is on its virgin voyage: Yummy beef and vegetable stew:

Also, we found some reasonably priced Rooibos Tea on Amazon! We are so thankful as the options in the normal stores are a little expensive and this loose leaf tea is amazing! We even made it with our filter coffee machine and it worked very well!
Lastly, our car, as you know has been giving us many problems, and we have not been able to take it in for repairs as we needed transportation BUT then our friend Christopher Robin (the missionary that knows Wynand and the gang back home...) let us use his Toyota pickup while he is away. Now we can hopefully get our car repaired. (If it is worth it as there seem to be some major electrical problems.) Christopher Robin's truck / "bakkie" is great! It reminds us of being on a farm... Now when we are on our way to school, Izak and I joke about going to check up on the sheep and making sure that the reservoir levels are right! (I really loved the farm that I spent the first few years of my life on as it brings back such fond memories!)

Well- please keep in touch, feel free to make comments and thanks for reading our news!


  1. Great to hear what's happening in the Bakkes world :)
    Weather starting to get nice here in SK, lightens the mood somewhat. A friend and I went to the beach front today; windy but PE-ish which was great.
    Love and hugs to you both, Pips

  2. Christopher Robin has always been such a helpful guy...he was always there for pooh and tigger too...

  3. Oh cant we please share some of your burdensome rain?! I never knew you guys like rooibos so much. miss you heaps and I really cant imagine this is all real... like you guys are really so far away.

  4. real really, for real, love from the Piet Uys staat 42B and 44 clan!

  5. The only reason CR offered his 'truck' is cos he's too short to see where he's going when he drives it. You tell him I said that.
    Rowan, haha!
    Yes, send us some rain please!
    Keep it Jesus.

  6. Thanks so much for all the comments! We love hearing from you all! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. WOW!!! All that rain!! Wonderful...hope u soon find out what classes u are attending - I used to feel like that at times when I attended varsity. WAAAY back! Love u guys. Ida