Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New surroundings...

Well, it is finally time to show you our new home... 

We are so thankful! I am pretty sure that I thank the Lord for our sun-filled, bigger home almost daily! It is such a blessing to be able to have open windows, fresh breezes and the sun's reflection dancing on our walls!

When we found out that this apartment was going to be available (They are provided to seminary students at a lower rate by a couple that attend our church and there is a long list of students who would like to move in...), we honestly thought that we would have very little to put in it... 
We had a bed, couch, cradle and a few of the bookshelves...

But the Lord provided everything you see in these pics- including an incredible experience where we had our very own 'Gillies' home-makeover! We even got to go to IKEA and buy things we needed and liked! (I mean... who are we to experience all these blessings?!?!?) :)  It feels like our home testifies so loudly of the Lord's kindness to us! 

Okay, time to take a tour! This is our lounge area:

The kitchen:
Dining area and a view from the balcony:

Our bedroom:
The bathroom:
Blue's room: (We recently got given this beautiful 'sleigh' crib:
A view from our front door:
I love this passage in Psalm 127, it is in verse 2: 
"It is vain for you to rise up early, To retire late, To eat the bread of painful labours; For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep." 
I always thought it meant that He gives sleep, but actually it looks like He gives to us even while we are sleeping- ie. it has very little to do with our effort and everything to do with who He is. :) 

Here are two pics I recently took of Blue- he seems to really enjoy photo shoots! I have been wanting to do some with just his diaper on and that penguin hat before it got too small! 

 Then... we received such a fun parcel from SA- from the Bakkes'! Look at how creative Heleen's packaging was! The package was filled with fun African things! Including the outfit and toys you see in the pic of Blue below...

It is so funny because Blue loved eating both the giraffe and the lion and managed to get some of the lions fur into his mouth! Izak and I joked that he has only ever eaten milk and lion's fur!

Well... we hope that you enjoyed the time in our home and we look forward to hearing from you!

LOTS of love!
Your LA Bakkes'


  1. Thank you Taryn, lovely photos and wow! your flat is so tidy! We rejoice over God's goodness and the generosity of His people. love you and miss you....always xxx

  2. :) Thank you so much! Taking pics of your home is a great incentive to tidy up!xx

  3. Thanks for the tour Taryn! Wow, your flat is stunning! My friend, we are so so thankful to the Lord for taking such good care of you (sorry if I keep repeating myself). We miss you guys so much and love hearing from you and seeing every photo. And of course seeing how much J is growing - every pic is cuter than the one before! :) He is so precious. He must be the only baby in America that eats Lion hair! We love you guys! X

  4. Thanks J! The Lord is really kind! Thank you for rejoicing with us!x

  5. Ja nee daar's 'n stukkie ninja in daai laaitie. Die view vanaf julle voordeur laat my dink aan My Name is Earl.

  6. My name is earl???? Hehe- only you Jans!

  7. Man alive, those catfish remind of not-so-nice rides home from the dam in Dad's bakkie. We had to sit in the back with the jolly fish (which were alive). Eeeeeeek!
    Lovely blog post, Bakkes clan. xx

  8. Now I want to see your new car on your blog please?