Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rowan's visit and some LA sight-seeing

It was such fun to have Rowan visit us recently for two. whole. weeks! :) It was really such a blessing to see Jonathan meet his UNCLE! I will never forget how sweet it was when Rowan said after we had put Jonathan down to sleep for the first night, "So we only get to see him again tomorrow morning? That is such a long time to not see him!" 

Here are some pics to highlight our time together:
*Manhattan Beach: 
Our personal favourite so far- it has an amazing walkway and lots of beautiful houses to peruse as well as surfing and volleyball playing areas set up for people to use...

Malibu: (we spent the day in Malibu with the darling Pinkers... and got to see a few fun spots- like two beaches and an outdoor mall area called the Lumberyard which had a fun outdoor aquarium and also a chocolate place with free samples that were well worth sampling!)

Universal Studios:

General family ones:

It was such a blessing to see Rowan and to have long chats with him and to catch up after all these years. It is crazy to see how easy it is to pick up just where you left off. One of the Lord's many mercies for sure. 

Well, we hope you enjoyed a quick tour of some sights in LA and our little family being reunited with Rowan. :)

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  1. Jistirdy mens mis julle ontrent. Skoon vergeet van Rowan. Wens die dude wil kom kuier.
    Was lekker om nou die aand te chat, by the way. Groot blessing vir my gewees..

    Ons was by Eersterivier op kjerk kamp die naweek, want ons is kjerksmense, en ons kjenners is darem altyd skoon.