Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A little more calm

Well, we have been in our new home for two weeks today. We are seeing more and more glimpses of normal and are so thankful for that. 

I had a situation with my phone not responding for a few days and may have missed some messages. I had a picture that I had taken of Jonathan's interior decorating skill that was lost in the process. It was so sweet, we have these three little windows alongside one another and he had placed a few of his treasured dinosaurs on the window sill and nobody was allowed to change their placement. It was such a sweet reminder to me of who lives here now and how blessed we are to have these little treasures entrusted to our care. :) I wish I could share the picture with you but it's a warm memory now. 

We still have to figure out quite a few things but we have made progress and that is the key! Our church family has been bringing us meals and it has been a tremendous help! It has helped in that I am still finding my footing in terms of where to buy what, plus being able to work on other things AND seeing how the kids eat more variety than what I anticipated! :)

There is a big tree, down towards the bottom of our property and we all went down for a bit in the warmer winter afternoon yesterday and just enjoyed being together. There is something so refreshing about simply being outdoors and squinting in the sun. What a blessing to be here, in His timing and to know His special grace in this season. Here is a picture of Jonathan enjoying the area near the big tree: (Thank you for all of your feedback and love! It has been especially encouraging to my heart. We are so thankful for you!) 

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