Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Construction and other happenings...

I was sitting on the couch, texting my friend Meg when the ceiling fell down in front of me! Jude had just left the room and it missed me by about a metre. They were busy insulating the ceiling and the previous contractors had used the wrong screws or something! Thankfully they have reinforced all of our ceilings since then and I have stopped looking up with concern whenever I hear any sort of creaking sound! 
Here is a picture of some of the aftermath (a lot of the mess had already been cleaned, but you can see the part of the ceiling that had yet to be taken away leaning on the couch!
Then some of our pipes needed serious work and this has proved to provide hours of entertainment for the boys who had previously enjoyed the TV show called 'Bob the Builder' before being introduced to first hand experience in watching the real thing!
Jude has recently understood the gravity of just how much growing he has to do before filling Izak's shoes at any length! Haha! Finding this made my heart smile!
Jude is finally confidently walking around on his own! :)
This is hard to believe, but Izak may have another fan almost as big as me in the Gauteng area: (haha!)
Here is one of J really getting more and more used to his new bike:
My mischievous yet sweet Ben:
We have had some challenges with figuring out some important logistical details (like the car for our family) and our shipment from the States has been delayed but it has been a very helpful experience. Like Izak reminded me recently, our trials are tailor-made and we can be sure that He is very intentional with what He allows. I am thankful to be in His hands and safe. :)

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  1. Ja nee jong. Kom kuier net asb hier onder in Jbaai. Dis al wat ek te sê het :-)