Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Izak's desk and the Hebrew alphabet

On Saturday morning, Andrew Zekveld came round and helped us to build Izak's desk. They first measured all the angles and corners because it needed to fit into the bay window area and all the walls are not exceptionally straight. After we had all the measurements in check, we headed off to 'Home Depot' a large DIY building material supplier (a little like Builder's Warehouse). This is one of the 'Wood aisles':

and bought the perfect piece of desk wood (well the cheapest best piece!) and we got it cut there after carefully measuring out the proportions:

and thereafter, we headed back home to install the new desk. 
And Ta-da! Here is the new desk installed: (SO proud!)
Our little home is beginning to fulfill its function more and more! Note our new bookshelf! (Those are only the first semester's books! (well... and a few others!) I wonder how many bookshelves we will need by the end of this time!)

We needed to know the Hebrew alphabet by Tuesday morning. And here are some of our attempts! (Well, to be fair, it is more important for Izak to learn it all and he is a natural but I think it helps him to help me to understand it more because then it truly sinks in! Well... at least that's what he says! :) )

Hebrew learning- 101:
(Note the Hebrew flashcards in alphabetical order in order to help us learn:)

A closer look: (Yes, those are not just squiggles!)
Izak's workmanship:
And... the desk being put to work!
In the end, we did manage to know the Hebrew alphabet and the final forms in time! But, it just got even more complicated in the last class. We are having our first vocab test next Tuesday. Will keep you posted! 
We are going to the annual picnic in Oxnard (about 40 minutes drive from where we are.) It is apparently very beautiful and a picnic spot on the beach. I will try to get some good pics. I keep wanting to take pics for you of the classes, but can't help to feel like it would just be a distraction. So, we will see if I ever manage to be 'discreet enough' or manage to pluck up enough courage!


  1. shweet! Dit lyk darem of izak sy roots onthou met daai Jbay drag van hom.
    Taryn, is jy al verwagtend?

  2. Yes, the desk looks very nice! Well done. Thank you so much for making it such fun to follow your 'new' life! I love your blog. (Taryn, you're good my friend :)) I think it's so cool that you go to classes with Izak - I wouldn't be surprised if you're the first wife to ever do that!!! LOL.
    Hallo julle outjies! - Leon

  3. Izak jy en Andrew lyk of julle sulke goeie buddies is, matching outfits anall.

  4. You guys are sure "swimming" well in your new life! Well done!!!