Monday, September 13, 2010

A walk in the park, a newly discovered creepy crawley and a first day at work!

We discovered a beautiful little park, up the road from where we live! We thought it would be a good idea to take a few pics so that you could feel a little like you had come along for the walk...

This is the view of the house from the street. (This is the house that Pat and Ina live in. Our little cottage is to the left and bottom of their property.)

This is another one of the little house from the street. 

This is a view of the street that our house is on:
  And our street sign post:
You will notice that our little town is quite hilly. It is literally at the foothills of a mountain. In these pics, we are on our way to 'Two Strike Park' which is +- a 5 minute walk. 

 It is such a blessing to have so much greenery! 

Ok, we have arrived at the park:
I love this one! It's a grandfather helping his grandson have a drink of water in the park.

And this we believe to be the reason for the name of the park! :)
And... my first ever 'creative' plant close-up pic! I love the light bubbles! I am often amazed at the little details on leaves. Just speaks so much of how creative the Lord is and how details are important to Him.
And just to prove that we were there, a cheesy self-taken 'Izak and Taryn' snapshot!
And I couldn't help but include Izak's one up on my creative plant pic!
We had such a lovely walk, it is just so rejuvenating to get outdoors. :) The next couple of pictures are of the mountains behind our house- Mt Lukens. We are at the foothills of the Angeles National Forest. (There is another park that leads onto a hiking trail in the forest- we really want to go and see that when we have a chance!)

Now you can say that you have seen our close by park and the Mountains!

When I went to our kitchen sink this morning... this is what I found! Eeeeeeeeeeeek!
Guess what it is called here? A house centipede. Yes, I double-checked the house part too! Fortunately it wasn't alive because there was water in the sink. To me, this looks a lot like what I would expect to find in the Amazon! Fortunately, it sounds like they are relatively harmless. (But be grateful for the rain spiders, cockroaches and J-Bay ants.) For more info: (If you dare!) 

Then... I kept the most exciting news for last! Izak got the job at the bookstore! Thank you so much for praying! I managed to embarrass him and take pics of his first day today!

And here is Izak working alongside Sam (Who recently went on a missions trip to South Africa!).
We are so grateful for the Lord's provision with this part-time work. Please pray that Izak will manage to balance the studies with the 20 hours of work per week.

Finally, there is this sign on the way out of the library and I always find it so encouraging! 
Thanks for all your encouragement and comments! It means alot to us that you read our news and you often make us chuckle and miss you even more!


  1. I sent you a long comment and thought I had posted it, but not!! Oh Dear!! LOVE IT will have to suffice now! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for the trip! I think you guys are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area! Love your creative plant pics, really pretty. That so-called 'house-centipede' looks more like a squashed porcupine to me! I would've screeeamed! Imagine that thing walks over your face at night...sorry Taryn, or do you prefer the little baby rats? (LOL) Praise God that Izak got the job!! (Lekker Boekwurm Izak!)Looks very clean in the shop. I just praise the Lord for providing for you guys in such a special way. X

  3. At least you are getting some fresh air. All the greenery is gorgeous, mountains too. Thank you for taking us along on your walk. That gogga looks very much like something that is called "oorkruiper" in Afrikaans.
    love you xx

  4. Thank you Taryn for keeping us updated. Great job! It's so cool to see all your pics and comments! xx