Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big paper due, a hearty South African braai and musical fountains

It's our last week before the Thanksgiving break and it is our last week for both "Every Woman's Grace" and "Sem Wives" for the year. 

Izak had a big paper due for this week and here he is preparing for his Hermeneutics paper in the library:
Look at his pile of library books!
Then we had a "South African braai" this weekend! We were invited to the Plodinec's place (they have been back in the States for a while but are usually stationed in South Africa in Polokwane- at Christ Seminary...)
Here is a link to their info: 
Well, we had Dr Drew (also a South African) providing some REAL South African Boerewors, Biltong and Droe Wors! WHAT A TREAT! We even had milk tart for dessert! Here are some pics from the braai:
This is Lynette and Mr (Dr) and Mrs Cruygen:
Here are Andrew and Vicky and Dr Drew's wife, Holly:
Here are the men mingling! (Steve Plodinec is the obvious braai-er! Ie note the apron!) :) The other men are all African seminary students...

And your very own friendly South Africans:

  Izak had a 'teachers' meeting for our Bible study on Friday evening and I went and wandered around an impressive mall in Glendale! I witnessed this incredible musical fountain to a great Frank Sinatra song. Soooo romantic! Here are a few glimpses: (I simply stumbled upon it and it was so well done- the fountains water movement was synchronized to the music!)

 Then, here are some pics of the little walkway of the shopping centre... Such a pretty setup:

Vicky took pictures from this morning's Every Woman's Grace time and we'll try and get some pictures of the Sem Wives Finale too for you to see...

Izak has to work extra hours during the break and he has plenty of work to do in exam preparation as well as a big research paper that is due when school resumes. 

We are having our first "Thanksgiving celebration" with Andrew and Vicky plus we plan to go and visit the Hauser's in Ventura next Saturday...hopefully! So, more pics to follow. 

Speak to you soon!


  1. Thanks for the update T. Hmmm, so much for having a break over thanksgiving break.
    we pray for you a lot. wynand just smiles whenever i share about your hectic schedule. but it's a nice smile, not an evil one. :-)

  2. Thanks for all the comments Jans! Really appreciate it. :)