Monday, September 12, 2011

On your mark... Get set.... GO!

And... we are back at seminary for our third semester at TMS! We have a professor who begins each class with saying, "And it's off to the races!" and then he begins his quick-moving class. I think our semester will be quite similar! Izak is doing more credit hours than what he has ever done before! So please keep him in your prayers this semester. 
This post is going to be purposed to show you some things that I have been meaning to show you but the older posts have been so full that I had to wait 'til now!

We discovered that we are expecting a little BOY this last Wednesday! We are very excited!
Here is one of the baby bump at 16 weeks. (I am 18 weeks now...) It is actually a sad picture in the sense that people only started saying that they could see the baby bump a week after this shot was taken!

 Shortly after discovering that we were expecting a littl'n, we phoned my grandparents and not long after having told them... we received our first baby outfit in the post! it was so precious to receive that I had to document it!
(I love the neutral colours and it says, "Tiny toes and button nose"... Awww!) It is hard to believe that a person could fit into such small clothes! Amazing! It is fitting that they are now officially GREAT grandparents! :)
I love the little 'closed feet' bottoms!

Do you remember the volleyball coaching that I did earlier this year? Well, they were so sweet and had a coaches jacket made for me! I feel so proud in my Lady Hawkes gear!
We received a fantastic birthday package in June from the Humansdorp Bakkes'! It was such a fun gift to get because many of the things were home 'enhancers' for me to hang up all over!
We received some shells from Jeffreys Bay and I made this ribbon with the various shells on it and hung it from our lamp...
  I hung this from our kitchen window:
 And this on the curtain rail in our bedroom:
 And this in our bathroom: :)
 A sem wife friend of mine, Lynette, gave me this beauty for my birthday... It really looks like it was made for our little place: (Because I LOVE stars!)
 And then... finally... we got to see the Gillies again as they had come through for the Truth Matters Conference. What a treat!
We hope you enjoyed reading about all our news! We look forward to hearing from you all.

Lots of love... Your Bakkes'!


  1. Dude, to be honest, I can hardly see a bump. But, I live by faith, not by sight.

    You look good in your coach's jacket, Mrs. Tuohy!

  2. great pics, wonderful to see you smiling and as always, tons of love from us!