Saturday, October 1, 2011

A tour of Izak's office, Marmite, Nando's seasoning, Blue's newest things...

As you know, the semester is on-the-go! It has been incredibly busy but also a wonderful blessing! 

Izak is registered for the following classes this semester:
- Hebrew Exegesis (Dr. Barrick)
- The Gospel of Mark (Dr. Harris)
- Historical Theology (Dr. Busenitz)
- Old Testament Studies (Dr. Essex)
- Church Ministries (Bill Shannon and other teachers)
- D-Lab with Lance Quinn

Firstly, I wanted to show you a few things that I am so grateful for... I have missed Marmite so much (you don't find it in the typical stores here) and Whitney found me this huge jar which is perfect for my pregnancy cravings!
Then, Lynette gave Blue these cute little outfits: I really love how boy'ish they are and it also rekindled a childhood love for bulldozers that I had long forgotten! Yay for little boys!

Last year, the JBBC (Jeffreys Bay Bible Church) ladies sent us a package with all sorts of little treats and one of the things was this Nando's seasoning... I am saving it for a particularly 'home-sick day' and now we are living in the expectation of 'that' something good that is yet to happen!

Then, here are some recent 'bump development' pics:
 Now for the tour of Izak's office area:
This is the entrance to his office... (He shares an office with a very sweet girl- called Shannon Pile...)
Here he is at his desk on a Saturday- hence the shorts and t-shirt...

Then, let us take a quick walk up the passage way: (All the doors that you can see lead to offices...)
This is the copy room, plus an exit to reach the main reception area:

 Then... my personal favourite... the kitchen and all the promises that a kitchen brings! :)
Then, below is a picture from outside Izak's office, and if you look down the passage, you can see two doors... The one on the left is John Macarthur's... All this to say that this really is a blessed opportunity to rub shoulders with men who have such integrity and to learn as much as he possibly can during this experience! (Although truth be told, Macarthur works more from home anyway, but there are other godly and devoted men that Izak has been able to meet through working for Grace Advance...)
We are still so thankful for this opportunity and in the midst of the busy-ness, it is clear that the Lord is faithfully working in both our lives. The Scripture from Philippians 1:6, really brings such encouragement, "And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ."

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Izak's put on a little weight there, it seems. Hmmm, interesting. Paddled out with Stegman this week. Ugh, murder. But, once Sakkie is back, I should be fighting fit, and ready to snake him and drop in on him. Muhahaha!

    The Blueberry Bakkes thingy's really funny!

    Thanks for the coffee...