Friday, November 18, 2011

Sem Wives Baby Shower, Fall Salad Supper and Shootin' some hoops!

Well, the 'Thanksgiving Break' is just about here and just as Izak's schedule gets more hectic than ever- our Sem Wives groups and EWG groups have had our final meetings for this semester. This semester has been an incredible blessing and also extremely busy! 

Here are two new pics that Izak took of 'the bump' and Blue's development. We only have 11 weeks to go!

My Sem Wives table held a little Baby Shower for me at our table's get-together at Gregg and Betsy Harris' home. (Dr. Harris is our Professor for the study of the Gospel of Mark- AMA-zing study!)
Here are some pictures from the Baby Shower, this last Saturday-

 First, we played this really cool game (typically not that excited about games- but Betsy was really creative and it was a memory game, where you need to try and remember what words are behind certain numbers and then try and match them from memory when it is your turn...) Here is the board mostly cleared:

She was also very creative with the prizes associated with the words which made it even more fun! (It was interesting to see the associations that she came up with especially since the prizes were American chocolates etc and many of them I had never seen or heard of before..) As an example- one of the words to be matched was, 'College fund' and then the prize was the chocolate called 'Pay Day'. There were even better ones that I cannot remember right now but we had some good laughs! You can see evidence of this in the below picture:
Also- the lady receiving the prize above, is Tim Cantrell's mom-in-law, Mary Somerville, who is a good friend of Izak's brother and sister-in-law! Tim is also a TMS grad who is a pastor of a church in Johannesburg at the moment.  I just loved that Mary happened to be at our Sem Wives table, as a prayer partner. (I just love to see how the Lord orchestrates things like that because the Sem Wives total group is so big, I would not have met her had it not been for her being a part of our table). Mary and I had such fun chats about South Africa etc. since she has visited 9 times! What a blessing to have met her!

 Then Betsy did a short devotional, which was so  impacting because once again, she was very creative and had a bag of gifts for me which she used as illustrations for the points she was making... I will just mention a few of these below... (I am sure that her examples will come to mind when I use these gifts for Blue!)

As the first example, she gave me a little baby outfit and then said, "Clothe your child in prayer. Pray daily for him. Nothing will fit better, be more in season, or more suitable for your little boy to be clothed in your prayers..." Here is one of me receiving the outfit:
Also, she gave me some Baby Blocks and said, "Give your child the building blocks of character that he'll need throughout life..." And here is one of me receiving the blocks:

It was such a blessed morning, and I received a little something from all the ladies that came... I love this Baby bath- shaped like a whale with bath-time toys! Wish they came in bigger sizes! hehe.
It was such an encouraging time and I felt truly spoiled! Betsy is super talented in the food arena too and I really enjoyed these cupcakes (AND everything else on the table!)

 Then, for our final Sem Wives time together this last Wednesday evening, each table brought some food and spent time chatting! It was great fun. Here are some pictures of our table, food and fellowship:
I actually brought this Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad below- it tasted better once the ingredients had time to settle. I got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman cooks website (her recipes are generally very good!) Here is the link in case you are interested: (I also kept the olives separate...) 

 Betsy and Kate (right to left)
 Emily (she is also expecting and we have become good friends! She lives just down the road from us...) and Ann (right to left)
 Our whole table- from right to left: Nelly, Betsy, Kate, Pinqui, Dawn, Ann, Emily and me!
And, then finally! Pheew! Izak had the ingenious plan to ask our neighbour if we could use his basketball hoop in order to have something fun to do outdoors as a study break. It has been such a joy creating our own form of South African Basketball! I have loved it and enjoyed being outdoors more! Plus it can prove to be quite a workout! It is literally right outside our house- in the little quiet alley way and so it is the perfect setting for shootin' them hoops! hehe.

   Well, we hope that you feel like you have come round for some rooibos tea/coffee ... and rusks plus a good catch up!

We look forward to a time of catching up (getting caught up on as much work as possible) during the Thanksgiving Break, which is next week! I hope to post some more pictures fairly soon! We have been invited to share Thanksgiving with our recently married friends- Brian and Polly! Looking forward to that, for sure! There is really so much to be thankful for. It is almost unreal. 

Psalm 34:8, "Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!" 

Until next time! Adios from LA!


  1. Kwaai man. Dis goed om te sien julle ouens kook daar in die States. Mis julle, en bid just about elke dag vir julle.
    Ek het 'n voeltjie hoor fluit oor wat julle die kind gaan noem. Is dit genuine?

  2. O ja, vergeet om te se: moenie toelaat dat die basters julle maal nie ;-)

  3. Hehe! Always good to hear from you Jans. Ons besluit nog oor die naam- ons het 'n lysie met die beste 10 of so. Watter naam het jy al gehoor?