Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn in LA, wedding bells and more gifts for Blue!

We are almost at the Thanksgiving break again and it is hard to believe how quickly this semester has gone by! 

We had the privilege of going to Brian and Polly's wedding on the 29th of October and it was such a lovely wedding. It was especially memorable since we have known Brian even before he and Polly started dating and it feels like we have witnessed the whole process! Sooo romantic! :) Here are a few pics taken of their celebration, with my 'not so good' camera:

They insisted that the guests take some of the hanging decorations home... (it helps keep the festivities going!) Here are ours up in our little home:

 Then, my sweetest grandparents sent us a little package for Blue... Makes home feel a little closer.
 My gran has always had a way with words, and she had penned a little poem (which has gone into his baby album...) In case you cannot read it clearly, it says, "A small gift in blue, for someone brand new, Oh the pride and the joy, in this fine Bakkes boy!" Awwwww! It really made my day. :)

 Here is another one of the expanding bump:
 People have been so kind to us! We have received little packages with diapers (US) / nappies (SA). It is really encouraging to see how the Lord is providing for us! Here is a recent package that we received with some baby things:
Also, the dear Gillies sent us an IN-N-OUT treat...

 Then, meet my Sem Wives group: Betsy Harris- ( in the middle with orange on...) is our table leader and Mary Somerville is our prayer partner (on the far left with green on...)

Well, this is just a quick update of our latest news... Hope to have more news shortly! Thanks for reading!


  1. Blue is growing nicely. Good to see all is well. Keeping you guys in prayer.
    I'm looking to go to Minnesota mid next year, but I see Minnesota's far from where you guys are at. Dunno if I'll be able to gooi a draai there.

  2. Jans! You will have NO excuse but to make your way here. :) Serrrrrriously. Ninja says so.

  3. Minnesota is far from Los Angeles. I shall have to see whether such a move would be possible. It's business, so I don't know whether there'll be time for play.
    Perhaps there are machines in Los Angeles that are worth looking at. That's why I'm going to Minneapolis. Perhaps we should pray about it ;-)