Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas festivities...

It is hard to believe that it has been our SECOND Christmas in Los Angeles! It is fun to think back to how different things seemed last Christmas when we had only been here for a few months! Things seem way more familiar now even though we miss friends and family just as much!

We had planned to have Christmas dinner with some seminary friends but Izak was so sick with flu that we had to give going out a skip and instead rest at home. Despite this, we were still fairly festive!

The Steins brought us a little Christmas tree to use this year... (It is the same one that Wynand and Delila used when they were here!)
Look at how sweet the little miniature ornaments are:

We had a couple of packages from back home which we could put next to the tree!
Pat (our landlady put up some fun Christmas lights for us outside our home!)
And even let us use one of their wreaths!
Then... on Christmas eve... we heard a knock on our door and and found no-one there, only these beautiful home-made stockings that Ina (our other landlady) had made for us- stuffed full of fun goodies!
We had such a fun Christmas despite not feeling 100%... we opened our gifts from home (will put up some pics of some of the things we received in a later post...those that have not been eaten yet!) and also we got to speak to family over skype which was such a blessing! And to top it all off... Pat and Ina brought us some Christmas dinner which just added to the day's gaiety!

We hope that you also had a lovely day with family! It just blows my mind to think that Jesus came to earth as a baby- the humility of that action is so powerful (Phil. 2:6-8). I think it hits home even more so now, with us expecting Blue! What a blessing to be expecting a little one over the Christmas season...

Lots of love!
Your festive LA Bakkes'

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  1. So sorry to hear you guys are sick! Well, I could pick up on Skype something wasn't lekker. Christmas in Africa was same ol' same ol'. Morning service, dik lunch at mom's, and fishing off Pensioner's Pier, where no-one caught anything. Still, a bad day's Christmas fishing is better than a good day's work.
    Blessings to you guys. Perhaps one-day, if I get a wife, I might have the decency to send you a gift. Although, you'll probably be back before that happens.