Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making our li'l place 'Blue' friendly...

Izak started back at TMS again yesterday! It is hard to believe that it is the beginning of the new semester.

We have made some changes to our space in order to accommodate Blue. Amazingly, by God's grace, our space actually feels bigger now after making space for the little one! Go figure! :)

Another thing that Izak and I realised recently was that we have literally been given everything that we have for Blue! We have not spent a cent apart from the fabric storage bins that we bought to keep his things in! What a remarkable testimony of our God's faithfulness!

Here is an action pic of Izak in the midst of building the bookcases (which we managed to find on sale at Target!) Yay for Target!
 Here are some pics of the changes: (We had thought that we may need to take the couch out of our home in order to make space for the little one, but we are so thankful that we could keep it as it fits in a different corner!)
 Here are the assembled bookcases with Blue's things stored in the fabric storage bins: (Note the South African flag sent by family ... on the bookcase- Blue will have no doubt that He is South African... or African American at the very least... :) )
My friend Rebecca made us an African LION storage box for some of Blue's things:

Izak had the amazing idea of changing a full sized bookshelf into a 'stand on his desk' bookcase and it works sooo well! 
People have shown us such kindness! We are so thankful to the Lord for the support that we have received! Gifts, thoughtful messages, parcels from family and friends back home... the list goes on... It has been so encouraging to see how it has gone far beyond our needs being met and we can honestly say that we have more than simply 'just enough'!

We got sent a package from friends and family in Jeffreys Bay (also from Jeffreys Bay Bible Church...) and that was so precious to open on Christmas day! It really helps make us feel like we are not THAT far away from home... In the package, Heleen (Izak's sister...) had sent a mobile that she had made herself. The amazing thing is that I had not even mentioned the desire for an 'Africa' baby theme. Here are some pics of the mobile- we plan to hang it next to the cradle...

The Frields let us use their beautiful cradle, which they used for their last born son... so special. And... as the Lord would have it, it fits perfectly into our little space!
Here are some pics of the cradle, and notice how the bedding is perfect for the African theme!

Then, a few nights ago, friends brought us an envelope with the most thoughtful idea- they had printed out some Scriptures on a page and then stapled some little envelopes to the page with specific treat ideas and the money to make them happen! It was such an exciting gift and we have already had a pizza party! :) ... there were even gift cards for two ice cream places which I have been eyeing out for quite a while now, and had even told Izak that we should try out before heading back to SA! It was so encouraging because our landladies have offered to babysit Blue and now we may actually have something to go and do one evening! :)
We have our baby bouncer set up for when the little one arrives:
And... even have the beginning of our hospital bag packed! (Note the fun penguin hat and mittens a friend got us from Baby Gap... I plan to put those on him when we travel back from the hospital! It is quite chilly here at the moment...)
The most amazing part of expecting Blue has been to see the support that we  have received from everyone! It has been so encouraging to see how not only family, but the church has reached out to us and made it such a precious time! It reminds me of that passage in John 13:35, which says, "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."

So, with Africa and acts of love in mind... I end off this blog post with a song in my head, from the movie 'The Lion King', .... "Can you feel the love... tonight?..." :) 
His grace is sufficient for us.


  1. Ossum! I must admit: I look forward to meeting izak's son. I'll be ripping him because of his American accent though.
    Wonder if he's also gonna do the lip thing, like daddy.


  2. So fun to see everything coming together, and I rejoice with you for the Lord's faithfulness. I love Heleen's mobile!