Monday, April 1, 2013

It's about time... :)

There are no excuses for taking this long to write a new post! We are all well and Izak is almost done with his third last semester, before completing his MDIV! To state it more plainly, he has one year left of his MDIV after May. Lord, willing, we would love to stay for an additional year and a half and have him complete his THM. It sounds like a long time, but if you think about it in small 'bite size' pieces, we will only have one year left, and then an additional year and a half... Lord willing. :)

Our little family with Bean at the Griffith Park Observatory when Emily visited us...
For those of you who are not aware, we are also expecting our little number 2, 'Bean'! We are very excited and Bean is one of the reasons for my lack of energy displayed on the blogging scene. But, Lord willing, I am back!

Jonathan is getting so big! He is trying to communicate with us and it is so sweet. He will look you right in the eye and babble earnestly, expecting you to understand and respond accordingly! It is such a blessed adventure to be a parent and that is for sure!

There are so many things to be thankful for! I literally feel overwhelmed to begin to try and list them (overwhelmed in a good way...). But, I would say that His faithfulness to change us to be more like His beautifully perfect Son, is my favourite thought of all. What a privilege to see the Lord of the universe working in our lives to bring this change and to bring Himself due glory!

Izak has had his preaching classes in full force this semester and has been enjoying it far more than he expected! It has been such a blessing to witness the Lord enable him to write amazing sermons (biased wifely perspective?!? hehe) that he is truly passionate about and only the Lord is able to equip us like He does. 

One other thing has been on my heart. We are not able to travel home any time soon with the little one on the way and the trickiness of a visa situation and it was so hard for me to be away especially with certain trials and my one little sister having her first baby and the other getting married... I just wished that I could be closer. But after a recent EWG (Every Woman's Grace) study, I was encouraged by a discourse between David and Jonathan where they knew that they wouldn't see each other soon and in 1 Samuel 20:23 it says, "And as for the matter of which you and I have spoken, behold, the Lord is between you and me forever.” It really helped me so much to think that the Lord is with our family and friends while we can't be. He is with us both simultaneously and He is a better Help than we could ever be to each other! What a precious truth to meditate on. :)

Well, my plan is to do far more short posts and this is the first of them. A wise lady helped me come up with this plan and I like it!


  1. Congratulations! What wonderful news to hear about Bean!

    I can totally relate about the home sickness-- my sister just had another baby, too. That makes 2 little nephews I have never met, and one other that I've only been with once. Hopefully we will be able to visit them this summer. Oh, and the visa situations... I know about those too! I'll remember you in prayer!

    1. It really is encouraging to know that you have been through something pretty similar! :) He really is enough. Thank you for praying. x